Annual Horticultural Show

September 2020

Saturday, 5th September 2020 would have been the 36th year of the annual Glynneath and District Horticultural Show. Sadly, circumstances prevent this event this year. However, we do want to provide a space where those growers who have enjoyed exhibiting their produce can continue to do so – even if it’s without the smells, bustle and excitement. We hope you’ll enjoy the photos and share the growers’ pride in their successes.

Another sadness of this year is that the Show has lost two of its most longstanding supporters: Mrs. Margaret Walters and Mr. Keith Edwards. Both were enthusiastic and successful growers, Margaret in her garden and Keith in his allotment. And both were keen to share this passion and knowledge with others.

An active participant in many community initiatives over the years, Margaret took on the role of Librarian for Glynneath and District Gardening at its inception in 2008 and continued as a valued member of the committee over the years. It was in this capacity that Margaret gave her full support to the annual Horticultural Show both in its planning and during the event. Members of the Gardening Club have many fond memories of Margaret and her generous enthusiasm.

Keith was involved with the Glynneath Allotment Society for many years and a founder member of the Glynneath Horticultural Society in 1984. The annual Horticultural Show provided the ideal showcase for all the hours spent tending his allotments and to enjoy the competitive banter with fellow vegetable enthusiasts. Keith did not do flowers. His steadfast commitment to the annual show helped to steer it through all its ups and downs, maintaining its high standards, and to ensure that it remained a well established and well attended fixture in the town’s annual calendar.


Margaret and Keith side by side in the front row at the 2012 Horticultural Show

Glimpses of Keith with a few examples of his prize exhibits from the archives of the Horticultural Society. Your captions welcomed.

KE2008 HSKEwithWhiteOnions HSKEwithLeeks2005

HSKEwithCarrot HSKEwithParsnip   2012HSKeithwithMarrow


“Oh no! Not another one!” says ….

2020 – Our First Virtual Horticultural Show


Ray Stephens has been making good use of his lockdown. And beautifully presented.

Watch the video on Youtube

Ray’s exhibits in more detail

jhdr   jhdr jhdr

jhdr jhdr jhdr

jhdr jhdr jhdr

jhdr jhdr jhdr

Another winner from previous shows 


James Kearns proudly surveying the fruits of his labours.

Enjoy James’s exhibits in more detail.

JamesKearnsonions JamesKearnsTomsCarrotsandBeans JamesKearnsLongCarrotsandOnions

JamesKearns3longleeks JamesKearns3longbeans JamesKearns5carrots



Can you guess the length? A sure winner!

What a grand show it would have been this year in the vegetable sections.

Another regular winner in recent years, Alan Evans, has been maintaining his high standards.                                


Alan Evans in situ building his display.

AE2  AE3 AE4

AE5  AE6  AE7  AE8

AE9  AE10  AE11  AE12  


What a feast for the eyes!

AE15 AE16 AE17

Alan’s other skills are on display later in the flower section.

It was a season of plenty for Diane …DP3  DP2

Until the eve of the show …

when all that was left was:                                 DP1

And now for something a little more floral


Pat displays her green fingers with these lupins she bought last year at the Gardening Club.                            

Marilyn was right – her sunflower does bring a smile to one’s face.


Raised from seeds bought at Malvern last September, these sweetpeas have brought joy to Olwyn with their colours and perfume.

Our gardens as a refuge

There is no doubt that those of us lucky enough to have our own green spaces have had much to enjoy in spite of the outside threats during these strange times.

Perhaps Graham would have selected from these plants and flowers in his garden for the display he might have exhibited this year (Flower Section, category 71).


Rudbeckia Goldsturm






Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger


Hydrangea Paniculata


Helenium Helena


A choice of mixed colourful lettuces – perhaps one Show ready?

   A well-tempered garden for Anne – a different atmosphere.

AEGarden2  AEGarden4

Flower Section – Pot Plants … a popular choice, especially category 80

Ian is well known for his skills with begonias.




What a stunner!

Many enjoy their baskets and tubs in the garden

Anne and Tanya clearly nurture theirs carefully.

AEHanging6 AEHanging5  AEHanging4

AETanya6  AETanya7 AETanya2

If you thought that Alan Evans was just a vegetables man, think again … We get some insights into where he conjures his floral magic for his success in the different flower sections.




Perhaps he’ll let us know what variety these roses are …



More pot plants for enjoyment

Last year Iris was thrilled with her first successes in this category. Can you spot any potential winners amongst this year’s group?

IR11  IR10  IR9

IR8  IR7  IR6

IR4   IR2  IR1  


Is this a novel use of a baking tray? What a great idea!

Another successful exhibitor in the pot plants flower section in recent years has been Phil with his orchids. It looks as if he was preparing these for the show.

PPorchid1 PPorchid2


Or maybe Phil was planning to enter one of his begonias?

PPbegonia   PPbegonia2

At this time of year, as we reap out harvests, it’s good to remember there are still plants out there providing food for the bees and other insects. Thank you, Phil.


Just like the real show, this virtual show is now open on the first Saturday in September. Many thanks to all the “exhibitors” who responded so positively to Diane’s brilliant suggestion.

As for our hopes that 2021 will return us to a real, proper, tidy show – let’s keep growing, tending, nurturing and keeping safe.